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Air Purifiers

With more than 30 years of air filtration experience, Mia Air Indoor Air Purifier family offers you the latest filtration technology. Specifically designed to clean air pollutants, Mia Air offers superior indoor air quality that will improve the quality of life.
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We spend 90% of our lives indoors and yet indoor air quality is 10 times more polluted than outdoors. This can lead to health problems and lowers our quality of life. Mia Air family has been designed to provide fresh clean air by trapping 99.99 % – 99.9999% of ultra-fine particles in the air.

By capturing chemical pollutants (VOC) in the air with the world’s leading activated carbon filter, Mia Air traps chemical pollutants and greatly reduces the risk of developing health problems caused by air pollution. The “best in class” Mia Air HEPA and ULPA filters not only supply highly eff­icient filtration but also long-lasting service life.

Mia Air’s practical panel design, allows you to control the environment of both you and your loved ones in a simple way both manually and with the mobile app. With a minimum carbon footprint, Mia Air is energy e­fficient and environmentally friendly. It’s anti-allergenic structure has been certified by ECARF. Mia Air which is CE and Energy Star certified, is designed for safety of all age groups and has a fireproof ABS body structure.

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