Filtration and Separation

We offer a wide variety of high energy efficient filtration and separation solutions for compressed air applications. All compressed air filters are in conformity with the 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive.
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Our Compressed air filters are the first line of defence for any air compressor and have a significant impact on the service life of the compressor, lubricant, air/oil separators, and oil filters. We offer the highest efficiency air intake filters in the market, outperforming the competition and delivering more value to customers.

With over 3000 Air/Oil Separator designs for compressors, we offer multiple options for the full range of airflow and performance requirements.

Our water separators have been designed for the removal of bulk liquid water and particulate from compressed air and gases. Unique centrifugal action removes contaminants at low-pressure drop for maximum energy saving.

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  • Compressed Air Filters
  • Air-Oil Separators
  • Compressed Air Filter Elements
  • Water Separators
  • Catalytic Converters

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