Oxygen Generators

Our Oxygen Generators are a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system supplying pure oxygen to the airline. Zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS), an effective adsorbent, separates oxygen and other molecules like nitrogen and argon gas in the dry air. Non-oxygen molecules are adsorbed by ZMS under constant pressure, so oxygen is produced.
Azot Üretim ve Saflaştırma Sistemleri

Our Oxygen Generators are two-bed PSA systems filled with ZMS adsorbers. Including filters, a pressure regulator, valves and assemblies; the oxygen generation process is mainly the separation of oxygen and nitrogen from the clean and dry air.

Our brand new MOG Series PSA Oxygen Generators offer an extremely economic way to generate the high capacity and purity level oxygen as customer required.

We offer our customer oriented solutions for metal, medical, glass, mining, paper industries; ozone systems, laboratories, fishing farms, industrial ovens etc.

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