Oil Mist Collector

Our Oil-Mist Collectors are designed to be conveniently mounted to existing machinery without costly alterations. They offer high oil removing efficiency, low power consumption, low maintenance cost, quiet operation and easy installation and usage.
Yağ Buharı Toplayıcı Sistemler

Uncollected coolant can cause slippery shop floors and oil-coated walls that can create safety hazards and increase maintenance costs. In the machining industry, the Oil-Mist Collector is a must. In the lathe and milling operations, the Oil-Mist Collectors help to provide clean air to the environment. In these applications, it is critical that the Oil-Mist is collected to eliminate hazards to the employee and it is prohibited to discharge it into the atmosphere. In many countries, this is regulated by local and national authorities.

OMC Systems offer 5 Step Filtration:

  • Air Distributor
  • Impingement Eliminator
  • Prefilter / Coalescer
  • Magicbox Fine Coalescer
  • HEPA Filter (99,95%)

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