Holding Tank Vent Filter

Mikropor is the leading provider of quality filtration and purification products for air, gas, and liquid applications. The new addition to the product line, Mikropor Holding Tank Vent Filter provides advanced odor elimination technology for your boat.

Activated Carbon Technology

The Mikropor MHTV Filter Series has 90% More Active Carbon Media compared to other brands. Our secret is a highly engineered snowstorm media filling technology.


Mikropor Holding Vent Tank Filter is designed to capture the foul-smelling air that exists from holding tank vent. Mikropor’s air filtration expertise, combined with the activated carbon technology, removes the odors from the air, creating boats cleaner, odorless air for your boat and the neighbour.


  • 90% More Activated Carbon Media
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance

Installation and Replacement

It is easy to replace and install, we advise replacing the filter at the beginning of the boating season. And it is advised not wait until the Holding Tank get overfill. This will help the Vent System and get more odorless filter performance.

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